A Database Revelation

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Although I’ve use the databases frequently, I’ve limited my experiences to Morningstar and Infotrac. Today I looked at the New York Times historical database, and I learned that on the day I was born the country was making sacrifices for the war effort. For example, milk would now have to be delivered only every other day instead of every day; this would save on gas and tires. In addition, construction was no longer allowed for amusement parks, movie theaters, race tracks or other non-essential projects. What a history lesson.

This would be a fun exercise to do with my grandsons when I go to see them next week.

Thanks Great 8 folks.





Car seat

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Mushoo’s parents bought a car seat in case they have an early arrival. It’s really close now–two months until due date.

girl and dog with book

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Cousin Judy and Bar

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Judy dear,
I found you and Bar on Flickr. It came up when I logged in for the first time. Whagt a nice surprise.

3rd trimester

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Mooshu is getting larger by the day. His Mommy is having trouble fitting in confined spaces.